Better tournaments, simplified.

Let the machines do the work

Handwriting is hard, and it can't do its own math.

Calculators help, but sometimes we enter the numbers wrong, and then have to start over.

Multiple categories get tedious to keep track of.

We've used our three years of experience managing various styles of tournaments to create a versatile system that enables you to configure your tournament to let the machines do the hard work.

Live Leaderboards

It's fast, and it's simple. Weigh-in a fish, and look at the leaderboard.

Each time a fish is weighed-in, the system automatically determines all applicable categories, adds the fish to the list, and recalculates all scores. This all happens within seconds, and everyone can view the updated scores in real time.

Online tickets

Accept credit cards, and sell tickets online without convoluted configuration.

Managing your tournament with Fishing Chaos automatically prepares you to sell tickets online. The only extra work you have to do is tell us where to deposit your money, set prices on your tickets, and configure dates to open sales.

Anglers will get digital copies of their tickets, and lookup is quick and easy.


Weighstation tools

Reduce clerical errors, and speed up weigh-in.

Most of the weigh-in process is automated. Scan a ticket, select a species, enter scores. The system determines what leaderboards the angler has purchased tickets for, selects only the ones the fish can enter, and lets the weighmaster make adjustments.

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