You won't catch a better tool for your business.


Let our charter calendar simplify your day and be your single source of truth for business scheduling.

  • Online clients see your availability instantly

  • Eliminate double booking by sharing access with your staff

  • See what's next on your agenda

  • Quickly identify bookings that need your attention

  • Mark dates as unavailable

  • Create bookings for your clients that don't get online




Trip types

Our powerful trip type configuration tools help you market your charter in ways that will attract more clients by increasing your visibility in search.

  • Market distinct experiences for different audiences

  • Share maps of the pickup location, powered by Google

  • Assign captains and vessels based on trip types

  • Define minimum pricing and upgrade costs

  • Seasonal trip type pricing and display (coming soon)

online payments

Process credit cards with low rates, or just keep track of payments accepted elsewhere. We don't charge for what you earn, and we don't skim off the top of your money.

  • Get deposits from online bookings

  • Link your bank account for quick payouts

  • Accept payments, tips, or whatever; it's your business

  • Record payments from other sources

  • Create coupons, and track their performance

  • Use discounts to adjust pricing without hurting the books

Internal options

External options


Split payments

Let your guests divide the payment up however you want: multiple people, multiple cards, mix of cash and card. We'll keep it all straight in the books.

Multiple tips

When there are multiple captains or deckhands on the booking, we'll let you record tips per person, keeping all the information in one place.

We have Two Plans.

WHich One is for you?

captain's Choice

Get your feet wet with the plan for a one man shop.

  • One captain

  • One vessel

  • Multiple trip-types

  • Coupons

  • Online payment system


Everything you need to manage your fleet

  • Unlimited captains and staff

  • Unlimited vessels

  • Unlimited trip-types

  • Unlimited coupons

  • Referral system

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